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Seeking the Queer Voice

Seeking the Queer Voice

An on-going event series in partnership with the 13th Street Repertory Theatre where we feature readings, panel discussions, open mics, and workshops.  In the past, we've donated proceeds from events to charities such as Immigration Equality and The Trevor Project. 


UPCOMING...September 25th @ 8 PM

New Work by Queer Artists

Featuring a staged reading of RagTag Theatre's Snow White by Sam LaFrage followed by performance artist Glen Marla's Scarcity Fever.   RSVP


Pride Open Mic

The Great Griffon celebrates PRIDE with on Monday June 26th at the historic 13th Street Repertory Theatre. We'll supply the drinks and the stage, you just bring yourself and your PRIDE! Everyone will get 5-10 minutes for the open mic to show off the talent they are most proud of. 

To Be Gay and Afraid: A Panel Discussion with Gay Refugees from the Former Soviet Union

On Monday May 29th at 13th Street Repertory Theatre, the Great Griffon moderated a panel discussion with Professor Lyosha GorshkovAnvar Latipov of Uzbekistan, and Yuri Pinter of Russia, three young men starting their life again in the United States. They told their stories of courage amidst an oppressive regime, the sacrifices they made and the obstacles they still face, and what we can do to help this international crisis going on today.

"After finding courage I started to live my life as I am supposed to, applied for asylum based on my orientation as homosexuality is still a crime in Uzbekistan punishable by three years in prison, not considering the disgrace and shame that your family has to undergo. In April my asylum application was approved by the USCIS. I am an LGBT activist and a member of RUSA LGBT. Also, I work as a waiter. So, here I am now starting my life all over again." - Anvar Latipov


Reimagining a Greek Tragedy

The Great Griffon presented a singular performance of ORESTES by Yannis Ritsos. In this poetic rendering of the Oresteia, young Orestes returns home after nearly 20 years in exile and confides in his male companion the great moral dilemma of having to murder his mother in order to avenge his father. The prolific 20th century poet Yannis Ritsos parallels this ancient Greek Tragedy to modern times with chilling precision. Starring Nikos Siozos and Logan Roberts.

Funds from this evening went to The Trevor Project, providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention to our LGBTQ youth.


Tear Down the Wall Open Mic

The Great Griffon presented an open-mic with a great variety of acts where the only rule was that the acts had to somehow tie in with the theme “Tear Down the Wall”.  The audience voted on their favorite act and $100 was given to Immigration Equality. 

The Phillie Trilogy Reading

Our inaugural event in this series featured The Phillie Trilogy by Doug DeVita, directed by James Phillip Gates. There was an informal meet and greet following the reading, where audience members had the opportunity to ask questions and meet the playwright, actors, and artistic team. 
The winner of Scrap Mettle Arts Inaugural Playwrights Program Competition, The Phillie Trilogy looks at homophobia as it follows its title character, Philip McDougal, from age 12 in 1972 through age 49, in 2009. Whether it’s the sadistic actions of the priests and nuns entrusted with his education, the ferocious taunting of his schoolmates both on and off the playground, his father’s suspicions about his burgeoning sexuality, or – much later – the devastating realization that his best friend since childhood may not be the person he thought she was, how Philip reacts, maneuvers, and survives is explored in three interconnected works: Checking The Basement For Leaks, Wrestling Match, and Spruce And Maple Grow Apart.